Have you charted plans for your new home?

Come to Mavillino Custom Homes to carry out the project for you. We are fully licensed to help you from start to finish, from determining how much equity you have in your current home, find and preparing your homesite, to designing your dream home.

Let’s Start Planning Your Dream Home Together!


Most banks will ask you sell your current home first before you build but Mavillino offers several options through our preferred partners.

Click the link or picture and get connected with a real-estate professional who will guide you in the right direction that best fits your needs.


Unless you are paying cash for your project, you will need a construction loan to pay for the materials and labor, and you can use it to buy the land as well.

Construction loans are a little more complicated than conventional mortgage loans because you are borrowing money on something that doesn’t yet exist. The bank wants assurances that you and your builder can get the house built on time and on budget.

Click the link or picture and speak with our loan specialist Sharon Brown, she can gather all the information to help make the loan process simple and smooth.